Web and Mobile experience,
information and marketing

inRebus Digital & Mobile division deals with graphic design and the development of multi-channel and multi-device applications.
Among the services provided: B2C and B2B mobile applications development, responsive Web Design, game development and virtual simulator, interactive video design and implementation, information management and distribution through Digital Signage platforms.

Some of our projects

and B2C App






APP Suite


B2B and B2C app

Developed and heterogeneous experience in B2B and B2C, as well as multi-platform and multi-device App development.

Among the main features we manage:

  • Dynamic and multilingual contents
  • Sophisticated images and videos galleries
  • 360 degrees shooting view
  • Statistical and geolocation tool integration
  • External web services integration
  • Push notifications
  • Data collection and analysis tools
  • Synchronization with central legacy systems
  • ...

Training Tool

Training Tool allows to manage Classroom Training Sessions and to collect data relating to:

  • attendance record
  • certificate of attendance
  • customer satisfaction

Thanks to its own Web Service and App, it allows to automatize tasks which often still depend on paper supports. The tool reduces the related processes, avoiding manual duplication and making the needed digital data available in real time.

Application strengths:

  • easy to use
  • fast data collection
  • updated and available real-time reporting
  • off-line mode available.


e-Survey is a service offered in SaaS mode aimed to collect and monitoring data related to:

  • surveys and questionnaires
  • assessment activities
  • feedback and tips
  • ...

Some of its main features:

  • over 20 different types of usable questions
  • multilingual management
  • photo and video integration to the survey
  • customizable graphic interface
  • aggregation of questions by category
  • management of anonymous surveys or surveys with registration
  • invitation mail management, attendance reminder and tokens
  • list of participants import and export
  • advanced data export system in different formats
  • real time statistical analysis and running chart of the survey


In many activities and different circumstances, we need to collect data coming from different sources, even simultaneously, which are related to examinations, measurements, evaluation of features and performance etc.

The peculiarities we expect from the method of collecting this information are the following ones:

  • simplicity and effectiveness during the acquisition phase
  • immediate availability of data analysis

On devices, tablets or notebooks, the evaluation is carried out through an easy digital compilation of questionnaires.

The D-COLLECTION APP platform, which can be defined as a Real-time mobile Evaluating System, makes use of a “Performance and Reporting Tool”.
This service, which is included in the processing server, synchronizes with the data collecting devices and elaborates the collected data in detail.

The server makes the aggregated statistics of collected data immediately available, and allows navigation to a more detailed level of analysis through a Drill Down mechanism.

Corporate Kiosk

The Kiosk platform makes available different kinds of multimedia contents (web pages, videos, pdf catalogues, ...) for Mobile systems, through the integration of a Web Content Management System (CMS) and an App.

The platform allows to create customized Corporate Kiosk able to:

  • Combine and standardize multimedia materials of a product, a project, a workshop, etc., making them available for tablets
    and off-line.
  • Have a distribution and an automatic and outlined update of contents on different devices.
  • Take full advantage of the User Experience potential, typical of the Mobile world.
  • Take advantage of On Demand Content mechanisms.

Event Suite

Event Suite includes a set of products and services provided to maximize the user engagement, simplify processes, and automate feedback collection and analysis related to a specific event.

Some of its available features are:

Enrolment and Registration Management

  • Massive name importing, user profiling, ID badge generation (QRcode – BARcode)
  • Creation and management of customized invitation E-mail
  • Subscription monitoring.


  • Attendance registration
  • Extra participant management
  • Digital signature collection
  • Accreditation system with QR Code or Beacon
  • Real time monitoring of the input stream

Event App
It provides a dedicated app including customizable graphics and contents:

  • Agenda and map
  • Instant poll
  • Documents, pictures, videos
  • Interactive games

Data Collection

  • Satisfaction questionnaires
  • Product benchmarking
  • Learning test

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an effective form of video communication that can be used for the distribution of promotional and informational content interspersed by utilities (news, services, weather, etc.) through videos which are connected to the network.

Main features:

  • The screens of a Digital Signage network are remotely managed by a server connected to the Internet
  • It is possible to set and update contents and the different elements that can be seen on network screens through a centralized system of schedule management and planning.

Extra features:

  • It is possible to maintain customizable some areas of the screen for each location.
  • Integration of direct links (QRCODE) in the contents to access discount coupons, user registration forms, web pages, etc.
  • Different size solutions: from large video files to counter tablet.

Interactive videos

The interactive video is a product which - starting from a video - allows to explain different types of contents, offering them through synchronized satellite connections, and maximizing cognitive stimulation linked to the viewing.

The benefits of this approach are particularly highlighted when working in a didactic or process environment:

  • The hyper filmed video increases the communicative power, providing further in-depth contents regarding the topics, supporting and promoting a natural path of knowledge.
  • Designing the narrative line of a hyper filmed video allows to concentrate the presentation of the topics in a synthetic and compact manner, leaving the in-depth or expanded parts to the lateral satellite links.